Customs Clearance


Customs Clearance - fulfillment of a number of formalities established by law, arising during the movement of goods and vehicles with cargo across the customs border.

Depending on the specifics of the transported cargo, and the place of customs clearance, cargo clearance may include: preparing of a package of documents confirming the grounds for import / export, payment of necessary fees, taxes, release of various goods under the selected customs procedure, etc.

AWhy you should not do customs clearance of your own?

Given the constant changes in legislation, strict requirements for paperwork, and a rather complicated chain of the process itself, customs clearance on its own is quite difficult. A hindrance to the quick implementation of clearance can be:


Temporary restrictions


Lack of proper experience and knowledge


Human factor (illness, fear, etc.)

As a rule, proper customs clearance takes about 24 hours, after which the cargo is completely ready for sale or use. In case of independent customs clearance, the final date of shipment is quite difficult to predict.